Code of Practice for Dasheen Production

There has been an increasing demand in the market place for safer food products. Some of the major distributors in the fresh fruit and vegetables trade have dictated the need for foods safety systems as well as the adoption of environment friendly methods for food production. The trend in agriculture is for the adoption of those practices that will sustain production and land productivity whilst being the least harmful to the local and general environment.

The Bureau of Standards, in the administration of the Fresh Produce (Quality Control) Export Act of 2009, is proposing the use of this code as a partial fulfillment of the Specifications for Grading of Fresh Agricultural Produce: Dasheen. The supporting standard aims to deliver quality corms that are clean and safe. The Bureau is equally aware of its responsibility to ensure that all dasheen producers follow a responsible Codes of Practice to protect the health of their workers and the quality of the air, soil and water, which comprise the environment.

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to provide producers with a set of guidelines for the safe, yet efficient production of Dasheen. These guidelines are based on the “Integrated Crop Management” (ICM) concept, which seeks to balance the economic production of crops with measures, which conserve and enhance the environment.

Read the entire Code of Practice for Dasheen Production (PDF, 724 KB) draft standard.

Posted: 29/03/2017

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