Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Consulting Services - Procurement Officer (St. Lucia)

The Consulting Services (the Services) include preparing, maintaining and updating the Procurement Plan, contract management records, data bases, Contract and Fixed Assets Registers for Project assigned. The Officer will work with the Senior Procurement and Monitoring Specialist in managing the outcomes of procurement data/activities and contracts and monitoring of approved project objectives, acting in accordance with the regulations and guidelines on procurement and contracting outlined in the Operations Manual and in consultation with the Project Coordinator. The Officer will oversee the shopping process relating to the project under responsibility.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Bidding Process:
    • Draft, coordinate, review and/or assist in the preparation of the following documents:
      • Invitation to Quotes and Purchase Orders for procurement of goods using shopping procedures
      • Bidding Documents and Request for Proposals
      • Assist in the preparation of Terms of Reference for Project implementation as required
      • Tender Documents for small works
    • Request no-objection to procurement documents where necessary
    • Prepare Specific Procurement Notices and seek advertising space from newspaper
    • Attend and record Minutes of Bid Opening
    • Assist with the evaluation and selection of consultants, contractors and suppliers. Assist in Evaluations of contracts procured using ICB, NCB, Shopping procedures and Selection of Consultants ensuring compliance of the necessary guidelines of the Funding Agency and the GOSL procurement and Stores Regulation
    • Seek approval from the relevant authority (Permanent Secretary, Departmental Tenders Board, and Central Tenders Board) for award of all contracts
    • Prepare letters to contractors regarding award of contract, discharge of bid securities
    • Prepare notification of award of letters to unsuccessful bidders
    • Ensure the timely submission of signed contracts to the World Bank, Audit, Accountant General and the implementing agencies and to confirm receipt
    • Upload procurement information via Client Connection system of the World Bank
    • Maintain a database of suppliers to facilitate procurement under shopping procedures
    • Prepare of List of Contracts (Goods, Works and Consultant’s Services) procured under the various Projects to be included into the Financial Statements
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Provide assistance, support and follow-up to project monitoring and stewardship – including assistance with report reviews, briefings, assessments and project summaries
    • Assist in the preparation of the Operational Manual for the various Projects to serve as a guide for the project
    • Work with Financial Management team to ensure that the Procurement Plan, Budget Estimates and Financial Statements are in agreement (for both planned and actual)
    • Liaise with Implementing Agencies to gather information regarding approved work plans for updating of the corresponding procurement plan
    • Obtain, integrate, and input information from Implementing Agencies of physical progress of the various components to generate reports regarding status of contracts as required by the World Bank and GOSL
    • Ensure that goods/services/works are procured in accordance with the approved Procurement Plan
    • Follow up with Implementing Agencies for invoices for works and services completed/in progress. This includes visiting Project Sites to monitor progress of works and services
    • Verify and monitor deliverables against Contracts for projects assigned
    • Attend Project review meetings with Donor Agencies and Implementing Agencies to discuss project status
    • Maintain and update Contracts and Fixed Assets Register for Project assigned. Ensure labeling of all Fixed Assets procured
    • Participate in and contribute to Post Procurement Audits
  • Overall Administration related to Procurement Process
    • Ensure accurate filing of Project related correspondence, including providing guidance to Administrative team regarding the maintenance of Project records
    • Procure equipment and other related office supplies for the PCU and implementing agencies
    • Review Forms 384 and submit to the World Bank
    • Ensure that all purchase orders are numbered, filed as per the requirements

Undertake other specific tasks, within the competence of the incumbent, as may be required under the Projects.

Deadline for the Receipt of Applications

Expressions of Interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by e-mail) by July 16, 2018.

Read the entire Consulting Services - Procurement Officer (PDF, 139 KB) notice.

You may also view the Terms of Reference for the Consulting Services - Procurement Officer (PDF, 152 KB).

Posted: 21/06/2018