How Do I Apply for a Residence Permit?

Any individual who requests a form for applying for a Residence Permit for the first time, must first produce their passport.

  • A valid passport (passport must be valid for at least six months before expiry date). If it does not have the required six months validity, the applicant must have the passport renewed, and a form will not be given to the applicant.
  • Extension of Stay must be sought from the Immigration Department and recorded in the passport. Unless an applicant's immigration status changes to Work or Residence Permit, the applicant's status remains as visitor, and the application must have Extension of Stay. If the applicant does not apply for Extension of Stay he/she is on island illegally, and will not be given an application form until his/her status of visitor is regularized.
  • If the applicant qualifies as above an application form will be given. The application consists of two (2) application forms, one medical form and a checklist. The application forms must be completed and signed by the applicant. All questions on forms must be answered. The Extension of Stay on passport should be entered at the end of the form. A medical doctor should fill out the medical form upon examination of the applicant. HIV and chest x-rays test must be included and results should be recorded on medical forms. All required documents must be submitted together with the application, otherwise the application will not be accepted.

Documents required for applying for a Residence Permit

  • Application Forms
  • Medical certificate stating that the applicant is in good health and has not in the past three years suffered from any communicable disease.
  • Two testimonials, one of which should be from the applicant's last employer.
  • Statement of financial position from a reputable banker from the applicant or person accepting responsibility for the applicant.
  • Recent Police Record.
  • Proof that the applicant has a return ticket to his place of residence or has made a deposit to cover the cost of such ticket.
  • Two passport sized photos.
  • Valid passport (must be valid up to six months).
  • Application fee - to be paid at the Treasury Department:
    • CARICOM Nationals: EC$250.00
    • Non-CARICOM Nationals: EC$800.00
  • Photocopy of Treasury receipt as proof of payment of application fee.
  • Letter from applicant's friend/family accepting responsibility for applicant while in Dominica.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Cover letter from applicant requesting permit.
  • Extension of Stay from Immigration Department is required during the period that application is being processed.

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