Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

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House of Assembly Notice

I am to inform you that the formal Opening of Parliament, (First Meeting of the Fourth Session of the Ninth Parliament), at which His Excellency the President is expected to deliver an address shall take place at the House of Assembly, Victoria Street, Roseau on Wednesday 25th July 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

The 2018/2019 Budget will also be presented.

Update 3: Utilities

60% of water restored – Jimmit, Toucari, Savanne, Tan Tan, Penville to En Bas, Capuchin to Cottage, Marigot, Woodfordhill, Pointe Michel, Wallhouse, Morne Prosper, Picard.

Water to Roseau was restored Sunday, 30th August.

Areas restored on Saturday – Fond Canie, Lower Trafalgar, Bayak, Shawford, Cocoa Bottom in Canefield, Sultan, Pond Casse, Fond Melle.

Service to the following areas has been restored on the East Coast on Sunday - Wakaman, Bellefie, Richmond, Magini, Mahaut River, Gaulette River, Carib Territory, Sim Sim, Salybia, St. Cyr, Sineku, Crayfish River, Bataca, Concord, Atkinson, Entwistle, Pagua Bay, Hatten Garden, North End, Central Concord, Pointe Michel to Soufriere.

Fine Foods area in Jimmit completed.

Still incomplete – Wotten Waven, Eggleston, Canefield Industrial Area.